Make your life easier

Add your customers and start creating invoice .
for monthly payments you need to do nothing after adding customer.

List all your customers at one place and access anytime anywhere .

Adding your customers is easy just type their phone number and name to add him/her to your account. and access their payment sheet, details, pending invoice etc. anytime anywhere from the APP / Website.

create invoice and keep track

Create invoice for every sale and keep track of every unpaid invoice and total sales every day.

Add and find payments

Add payments / mark the invoice as paid when you have received the peyment. Also you can mark as payment received/cleared or not.

Update customers for payments by SMS/ Email

Send customers SMS/Email for every invoice created or payment received.

Check lost customers

check your customers who are not ordering you since a long time or customers who ordered you most.

Send your customers updates for new offers and promotions

Send SMS for new promotions to your customers and keep your sales growing .

Monthly payment reminders

if you are monthly payment receivers like internet providers, mentainance / rent collectors, cable providers etc. if you need to collect monthly payments 13clients will take care of it. Just Add your customers and we will send invoice every month to your subscribed customers and remind them for payments.

  • Automatic payment reminders for any unpaid invoice.
  • see your unpaid/ over due invoices.
  • check payments received daily.
  • check your customers payment sheets.
  • Add admins and create passwords
  • Add feedbacks to customers when called.

All this for free!
1st year subscription free!

you can signup now, start managing your billing and renew your account after 1 year for just Rs:499 / year.

have any doubt contact us at 9034664487 now and get support to your place. We will visit your place and will explain how this works and help you adding customers .

Shop / Resturants

if you have shops / resturants you can use 13clients on your phone / computers to update payments and add customers. you can always find your payments and customers online within the APP.


Monthly Payments

you can use 13clients to add your monthly payee and we will keep your payee updated for any invice and late payments. you can check the total payments collected every month.

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Variable payments

if your payment is variable every month and you need to charge your customers depending upon how much service / product is sold, We can help you creating invoice and notifying users !

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APP Screenshots

We have a great android APP for this if you do not posses any android phone you can use the browser version in your phone or computer.

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